Behind the Making of Chef Tips at Rapour Restaurant and Lounge

On January 10th Chef Jason Hill, whose online Chef Tips, give culinary advice and how-to lessons from the top chef’s in America, came to Rapour to film our Executive Chef, Greg Stillman, making his famous wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza.


Hill has worked with some of the best chefs in the industry, including James Boyce (Le Cirque, The Phoenician, Loews Coronado, Studio, Cotton Row), Homaro Cantu (Restaurant Charlie Trotter, Chicago’s Moto) and famed French chef Michel Richard (Citrus, Citronelle, Bistro M, Central). Hill has also written countless newspaper articles highlighting his quick, simple and delicious family recipes. 

Hill’s wife Veronica accompanied him on the photo shoot.  Veronica Hill also has a big online presence with her California Travel Experts site offering travel tips and highlighting places to see, explore, and dine in Southern California.  Last December, the Hills discovered Rapour for themselves and were so taken with the food and the ambience they decided to share their discovery with others.


They also filmed our Mixologist shaking up our famous Signature Cocktail, the Mexican Firing Squad and the making of the perfect Rockin’ Rose which will also be featured on Chef Hill’s Chef Tips at a later date.

You can see the entire segment on making a Neapolitan Pizza at and enjoy the behind the scenes photos on this blog.

Off the Chain

Chain restaurants are in every city…usually found in or around a mall.  You know what to expect.  The decor is the same, the bar is located in the same spot in each restaurant, and the menu is constant no matter what town you’re in.

This is what makes the individually owned and operated restaurant, like Rapour, such a gem.  It is unique and one of a kind.  What chain restaurant could  you go to where they create house made sauces and ketchup?  Ever hear of another corporate restaurant that uses fresh juices in their alcoholic beverages?

We source our produce from local farmers.  To you, farm-to-table freshness assures you are getting food sources that are organically grown, free of chemicals that may be found in produce coming from foreign countries.

At Rapour you get a unique dining experience.  Our small plate selections are not found at any other local restaurants.  You can get a steak anywhere….but you can’t find duck confit, paella, chipolte braised short ribs or shrimp gambas on any other menu but ours.   Lobster can be found mainstream, but we have Lobster Pops and our Lobster Mac and Cheese that takes this delicacy to a whole other dimension.

So pull away from the chain and explore the kind of culinary creativity that can only be found in individually owned and operated restaurants.  Our name may not be familiar at first, but we’ll have you coming back after the first bite.

Chef Greg Stillman to Teach Paella Making Class

Have you ever experienced Spanish Mediterranean cooking?  Paella is an internationally known rice dish that originated in Valencia, Spain.  Today every region in Spain has their paella version.  In fact, there as many varieties as there are cooks!

But on February 23rd, Executive Chef Greg Stillman will give you a hands on demonstration how he creates this dish using a variety of seafood delicacies.  You get to go behind the scenes of the Rapour kitchen and learn the secrets of creating this dish.  And once the Paella comes out of the large metal pan, you will get to enjoy this dish along with your choice of a glass of sherry, or one of our Rapour red or white house wines.

The class begins at noon on February 23rd and ends at 2 p.m.  There’s limited space, so you will want to book an advance reservation by calling (909) 899-7999.  This class costs $25/person and advance payment is requested.

Learn the art of Spanish cooking at the expert hands of our Chef, Greg Stillman.

Hump Day Got a Little Happier at Rapour

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles is a signature dish at Rapour and appears on its small plates menu.  But on Wednesdays and Sundays this dish expands to PLATTER size.  With eight of these scrumptious chicken and waffles, at only $16 per platter,  you and your friends can nibble your way to satisfaction on Wednesdays from 5p to 10p and Sundays from 8-10p served right in our  Lounge or heated patio.   

Pair these with any of our Signature or Vintage cocktails at only $5 all day Wednesday.  And on Sunday’s (only)  we’re offering Bloody Marys for $5.

Our chicken and waffles taste like no other.  Made with a fried malted waffle, Tabasco reduction, candied jalapeno and maple, you’ll be lickin’ your lips, wanting more.  If you haven’t tried these, you just don’t know what your missing!  

Ever wonder how to make an authentic Neapolitan Pizza like they do in restaurants?  Rapour’s own Chef Greg Stillman takes you through all the steps from start to finish.

Guest hosting on Jason Hill’s You Tube program, Chef Tips, Stillman shows you all you need to turn out your own version of the Neapolitan Pizza.

Big Apple Style rings in 2013 at Rapour

Start spreading the news! Rapour Restaurant & Lounge is adding a New York eXperience to their New Years Eve party.

In the days of Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack, the supper club was the big thing. Rapour takes this vibe to the 21st Century.

New Years Eve is designed as one big party. The dinner seating begins at 7 p.m. Executive Chef Greg Stillman has gone all out on the menu featuring “Big Apple” items such as a choice between an Apple soup with parsnips and Camembert croutons, or a Smoked Salmon and frisée salad with local citrus. Entrees feature a grilled New York steak or a pan seared California sea bass with gourmet side dishes. Pastry Chef Jessica Simpson has created decadent dessert choices ranging from chocolate fondant to a lemon pudding cake.

Entertaining during dinner is sultry vocalist Amanda Castro who brings a blend of Latin, New Orleans blues to jazz. Her vocals are unique and she provides her audience with a spell binding musical experience.

At 10:30 p.m. the party cranks up a notch in the Rapour Lounge. Rapour’s favorite DJ P.J. Butta begins mixing it up with Top 40 hits, Old School and Hip Hop vibes to get your hands in the air and your feet on the dance floor. Those who have purchased table reservations in the lounge will enjoy a bottle of either Grey Goose or Ciroc and an array of our mixers along with a selection of hors d’oeuvres.

As the minutes dwindle down and 2012 gives way to 2013 Rapour will show the Big Apple Ball Drop on their 120” screen. It will feel like you’re in Times Square - only you’ll be warmer and have a much better view. At the stroke of midnight Rapour will pour the champagne to toast in the New Year. And just like the New York Rockin’ New Years Eve, the party will continue until 2 a.m.

This is a time for celebration! Californians have come through difficult years and things are starting to look a little brighter. Let’s celebrate 2013 together!

Dinner: $60/person + tax and gratuity (Advance payment)
VIP Lounge: $1,000/table (up to 10 people and $500 advance deposit)

No Reservation: $20
Valet parking available: $5/car

To reserve: (909) 899-7999

Amanda Castro to Jazz Up New Years Eve eXperience

Amanda Castro of Rancho Cucamonga has gone from Los Osos High School to Southern California jazz club headliner.  She has a different twist on the genre than other jazz singers in that she specializes in lesser known jazz songs of the 1920’s and ‘30’s adding her twist of Latin, New Orleans soul and blues.

Singing her sultry vocals, she has appeared at several Southern California clubs such as:  Angel’s, Nola’s, Steamers and the Hip Kitty.  She performed for Rapour’s first anniversary in November and was such a hit, Rapour is bringing her back for an encore performance for their New Years Eve New York eXperience.

Jazz is an important part of Rapour.  While guests experience a culinary tour de force, on the weekends and Sunday Brunch, the cultural experience of jazz is added to the mix.  Rapour has featured up and coming artists as well as established musicians such as Booker T, The Avila Brothers, Nisan Stewart and Kenneth Crouch.  On Sundays you will find the Rapour Jazz Trio playing.  This group generally consists of Ed Roth, Steve Stevens and Andrew Ford. Each of these musicians has played back up or on records for famed artists such as Chaka Khan, Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire and more; and are successful in their own right.

Appetizers, Mezze, Dim Sum, Tapas - No Matter What You Call Them Small Plates are the Next Big Thing

A casual approach to dining combined with the desire for culinary adventure and wanting to share a variety of dishes has lead to the popularity of small plate meals.  Small plates is the latest trend in many restaurants.  

The smaller sized portions, at lower prices than full plated entrees, encourage sharing and socialization.  Whether to whet an appetite or compose an entire menu, small plates can provide a culinary impact that is as tasty as it is artfully presented.

For centuries small plates have preceded the main course.  Depending on the country, they’ve been called Antipasto, Tapas, Mezze, Dim Sum or Appetizers.  Today, people are ordering more small plates than ever before.  The portions are right sized and it gives people the opportunity to try new things without risking an entire entree.

The popularity of small plate meals is growing.  Customers are content to snack, nibble and graze through an entire assortment of them.

Greg Stillman Creates Food Art at Rapour

Rancho Cucamonga is not generally known for its gourmet cuisine; but Chef Greg Stillman intends to change that idea.  Stillman is the Executive Chef at Rapour Restaurant and Lounge.  He comes with an impressive career, having worked at Thomas Keller’s famed French Laundry in Napa Valley and Joachim Splichal’s Patina Group in Los Angeles.

Stillman is creative — a master of mixing the culinary metaphor — utilizing international influences, seasonal ingredients and farm to table freshness.  Among his creations is the Lobster Pop, a unique take on the Chicken and Waffle —with a jalepeno pepper kick, and Paella using mussels among others.  

Recently Rapour switched to a small plates menu.  Stillman took many of the main dishes that were on the original menu and pared them down to smaller portions.  Each dish is presented like a work of culinary art.  The taste and the texture of the food is  spectacular!  Nothing has been sacrificed in this switch-over.

Stillman’s small plate fare offers the opportunity for Rapour guests to try a wide variety of food selections and they can do so at a considerable value.  Prices start at $4 for small plate dishes.

Having once worked at Patina’s Naples 45 Ristorante e Pizzaria, Stillman learned the art of making gourmet Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas.  He brought this skill to Rapour as well. There is a wide selection of wood fired pizzas on the menu in addition to the small plates.  On Thursday nights all of the pizzas are only $10.

In Rancho Cucamonga, Rapour’s Greg Stillman is the go-to-guy for quality cuisine.  Foodies will appreciate the presentation and the taste of each bite.

More than a meal, things get jazzy at Rapour

On the weekends, the Kenneth Crouch group plays jazz during the hours of 7-9p.m. at Rapour Restaurant and Lounge.  Crouch is a branch of a musical dynasty.  His uncle, Andre Crouch, is well known in the gospel and jazz music circles.  In fact, the Andre Crouch Choir performed the back-up for Michael Jackson’s definitive song, “Man in the Mirror.”

Kenneth Crouch is a talented keyboardist who has been influenced by his uncle and Herbie Hancock.  Jazz is his forte, but he has also played for contemporary rhythm and blues artists and rock stars such as Lenny Kravitz, Chaka Khan and Eric Clapton.

Rapour Restaurant and Lounge is more of an experience than just a restaurant.  Offering a wide variety of small plate items and wood fired pizzas, Rapour blends   dining with jazz on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The Kenneth Crouch Jazz Group is the mainstay of the weekends, but other up and coming local artists are showcased during the week.  Bands such as Seville Street Blues, Anders Royal and Vintage Soul play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

After hours on the weekends (11 2 a.m.) Rapour turns down the lights and turns up the volume.   The party gets started as DJs spin contemporary dance music and the lounge side of the room becomes the focus for the fun.